Prevention Protocol - Bed Bugs

Meadowview Regional Medical Center is committed to delivering high quality patient care, supporting physicians to achieve excellence, creating an excellent workplace for our employees, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and strengthening the hospital’s role in the community.

Due to the growing concerns about Bed Bugs in our community, Meadowview has initiated a strict protocol on Bud Bug prevention.  Meadowview’s senior leadership is very committed to enhancing our existing measures to prevent the spread of Bed Bugs.  We ask that patients and visitors help us minimize the chances of a problem developing with the following preventative measures.

Bed Bug Prevention Protocol

  • Please bring only the necessary items into the hospital.  Clothes, blankets, luggage, bags, and other possessions that are not essential during a patient’s stay should be left at home. 
  • Items brought into the hospital should be placed in a plastic bag and securely closed.  Please ask a nursing staff member for a plastic bag to place your items in. 
  • Patients will be asked by a nursing staff member if they are currently in contact with Bed Bugs or recently have been exposed to Bed Bugs.  If the answer to either question is yes, the patient will be asked to take a shower or a bath.  All belongings will be double bagged and sent home with a family member.  Upon discharge the patient will be dismissed in a hospital gown and pants.   
  • If you are a visitor of a patient and are currently in contact with Bed Bugs or have been exposed to them recently, we ask that you do not come to the hospital to visit. 

Key Facts about Bed Bugs

  • Bed Bugs evolved from cave dwelling insects in the Middle East that fed on bats and eventually started feeding in humans. 
  • Bed Bugs live where humans live; primarily found in home, apartments, hotels, shelters, and dormitories. 
  • The presence of Bed Bugs in human dwellings is not caused by lack of cleanliness.
  • Bed Bugs have been found in five star hotels as well as homeless shelters. 
  • Bed Bugs feed mainly late at night and early morning. 
  • Heat and steam are the best options once can use for killing Bed Bugs. Bed Bug foggers do not work. These products are not effective in reaching the crevices and hiding spots of Bed Bugs. 
  • Call an exterminator for other treatment options. 

Resources on Bed Bugs

  • University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service in Mason County @ (606) 564-6808. 
  • Meadowview Regional Medical Center patient information packet on Bed Bugs.