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Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care is a practiced technique where the infant is held skin-to-skin with the mother. Why is Kangaroo Care the best care for your baby? Your baby will:

  • Transition to the outside world easily.
  • Be warmer and regulate his/her temperature by your body heat.
  • Cry less and sleep more.
  • Hear voices and your heartbeat.
  • Get important antibodies from your skin.
  • Regulate his/her breathing and heart rate sooner.
  • Breastfeed more easily.

In addition:

  • Your milk supply will be greater.
  • You will feel more confident caring for your baby

At our Women’s Services, your baby is dried and placed on your bare chest at cord clamp. You will be covered with warm blankets and the baby will get a hat. The one to two hours of Kangaroo Care are important for you and your baby. Fathers can also participate in Kangaroo Care. We encourage that you and your baby continue skin-to-skin as much as you would like after birth and even when you go home. 

The birthing experience at Meadowview Regional Medical Center encourages babies rooming-in with their family, promoting education, and providing hands-on experiences with the care of your baby.